Tuesday, 25 September 2007

I'm still here!

Hello friends! Yes, I'm still here on the blog despite the long radio silence. The website still has an annoying niggle but should be up and running soon. I really do hope to have some very exciting news to post here soon but I can't say just yet!

The last few months have been really busy and I am now paying the price with a really nasty throat infection. I got it just as I was about to record my first thing for the BBC but I sang through it anyway. The recording was with the BBC Phil last week and was of Mozart arias and Schubert songs arranged by Reger and it went really well. I have listened back and am relatively pleased with it, under the circumstances. I'm not sure when it is going out.

The week before was completely mad as I had just got back from singing on a cruise ship when I got a phone call saying Rosemary Joshua had caught a cold and could I stand in for her the next day! It was too good an opportunity to pass up but it did mean having to learn Mozart's Exsultate Jubilate in a few hours as this was at 10am and I needed to be at a rehearsal at 3! In the end the concert went very well and I have had some nice reviews (not that one should really believe them!).

This week has so far been spent in the persuit of health and the right notes in a new piece I am learning. It's very slow work I can tell you and frankly not much fun when you have tonsillitis. I'm off with the fella on holiday to New York on Friday (and to work with Catherine Malfitano on Susanna whilst I'm there, no rest for the wicked) so I really want to get it out of the way before I go.

Thanks for sticking with the blog despite the recent sporadic nature of entries and I promise to write more regularly from now on, except whilst I'm on holiday (because even divas need a break sometimes). Ta-rah!