Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Not long now...

Apologies again for lack of blogging. I have had a rather lovely distraction of late in the form of a new fella, but I shall not waver from my course! Promise!

Tonight I have a run through of most of my programme at the Royal College of Music. I have been really looking forward to singing at my alma mater but sadly I have gone down with a throat infection, the last thing I need at the moment. It's not on my vocal chords so I can still sing and will, but it's a timely reminder that perhaps I have been a bit too busy of late. In the last week I have done 3 concerts of an hour and a half of completely new repertoire and a recording (only one song though) as well as rehearsing for all that and my cardiff stuff and a concert I have at the end of this week in France. All extremely enjoyable but energy consuming.

Because of all this I have rather lapsed in the running department (although have lost half a stone, wahey!) and all the singing has meant I haven't been able to keep my brace in much, and when I do have it in, it really hurts!!! After this week things will calm down a bit though and I will have a few days in the west country to chill out a bit.

Still bits and bobs of coaching to do before the big day. I have to sort out an Italian coaching urgently and have planned a session with a fab lady Alma Sheehan, to work on the physical side of presenting my material. I have also managed to squeeze in a coaching next week with the amazing Audrey Hyland who always makes a tremendous difference to the quality of my singing, and makes sure that I always sing from the heart.

I had best sign off and get ready for the concert. I am wearing my new blue dress for the first time to see how it works out because even divas....need to make sure they can walk in their new shoes.


Keith said...

We hope that you soon get rid of the sore throat - you must look after yourself - you promised. We know you are working hard but don't over do it. Pace yourself! Luv, Heather & Keith

James said...

Lots of prayers from Jersey that you rest and feel better soon!

We can't wait to listen to your amazing voice.