Saturday, 14 July 2007

Busy bee

Hello blog fans and apologies for not writing sooner! Things have been really busy since cardiff. In summary: dealing with lots of enquiries arising from my performance and some nice bookings; a camping trip with my old school buddies; standing in at the last minute for a concert with the BBC Symphony Orchestra in Bad Kissingen, Germany; a meeting with the BBC about the New Generation Aritsts scheme; a bout of viscious tonsilitis; a trip to Buxton to see my boyfriend.

Today I did a recital in a beautiful place in Sussex: Champs Hill, and tomorrow I have a Brahms Requiem in Essex. It's nice to be back in the swing of things again, although I could really do with a proper holiday. Because even divas need a break sometimes...

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Jason said...

Loved the Cardiff concert and wondered if there was any chance of letting us music fans know what events lie ahead; so that we might book a ticket? I have tried google but it is a nightmare trying to track down a concert other than what you have already done. I have, however, learnt that an Elizabeth Watts died of the plague in 1746, so all that searching was not completely to waste. If you could find a couple of moments to give us fans an idea of what is to come - Mexico is a bit far - would be so grateful.
Thanks and all the best,
Jason, Worcestershire.