Saturday, 24 February 2007

Keep on running...


Well, so far I have been completely lack lustre with the running because of getting in late and having to go out fairly early. It's no excuse!! Now its Saturday and I have no reason not to go so I will trot off out this morning. To make sure I do it I will post again this afternoon! As my sister's friend Jo would say - Trot on Wattage!

I have now organised two run throughs of my programme next month. The one I mentioned before on 2nd March is in East Bergholt, Suffolk. Off the top of my head it is at Constable Hall at 7.30 or 8pm. I am also doing a run through in Redditch on 31st March - I'll post the details when I have looked them up! I had planned recitals in these places before I knew about the competition and these societies have very kindly let me change the programme. I have to submit my music by 1st March to Cardiff and there can be no changes after the 16th, so let's hope I've got it right!

I have a concert tomorrow at Brasenose College, Oxford so the last few days have been quite caught up with preparing for that. I was at my old college, the Royal College of Music, yesterday and apparently they have a Polish singer on the course there, so I may have solved my problem of the Polish coach. Fingers crossed. It also looks like the Aldeburgh Residency will happen in April as I had hoped. I just love going out there. It's so peaceful and tranquil that you can't help but focus on the music. Everyone there is so supportive too.

Right, well I think I've done enough displacement activity typing this and it's time to get jogging...


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