Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Run Forest run!

Well, I'm enjoying the running, although I gave myself a day off yesterday as it was a very busy day and today have spent some time on my stepper whilst watching you are what you eat as motivation! I'll go for a gentle run tomorrow morning as I have an audition later.

I had a rehearsal for my first run through of the programme today, but I was half an hour late because the train left early and then no bus turned up. It's a 30 minute journey tops and it took me an hour. The joys of London life! The rehearsal itself went quite well, although the Szymanowski is proving a problem. There is a vocal score reduction but it's a semitone higher than the orchestral one! Somehow I have to get it transposed by thursday in order to rehearse it before the concert. Hmmm tall order. It's not just something that can be written out! It might be that I can't do it on friday which would be very disappointing. I'm a bit nervous about remembering the other new songs, but I hope I'll be ok. I just need to devote a bit more time to things somehow. I think it's going to be a bit hairy!

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