Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The song prize looms...

Well, I am in St David's Hall (the only place I can blog from) warming up, so I thought I would do a quick post. Thanks so much for all your suppportive comments on the blog and the bbc website. I'm keeping my fingers crossed about the final.

I have my first round of the song prize at 2pm today, and as I am in the last round, the announcement about the finalists will be made this afternoon. I'm really looking forward to performing again. Well, it's really my natural state! I'm a bit tired at the moment as it's very hard to sleep in the hotel as it's been so hot. A lot of the competitors are having the same problem. If you open your window to ease the heat of the building you get woken up by the building site next door at 6.30am which is not really ideal. Apparently the weather is cooling so hopefully I can get a proper night's sleep soon. I'm keeping my spirits up though!

Right I had best do some work!!! Because even divas need to sing through their repertoire on the day of a performance... (!!!)

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Clare and Ella said...

Hi Liz. Not sure our comment got through on the BBC website. But we are overwhelmed and were screaming our heads off when you won your round. Mulehouse Road has never heard the like! You were wonderful and we are so dead proud of you. All our love. Clare and Ella xxxx