Sunday, 10 June 2007

Waiting for the result...

I am now backstage in my dressing room awaiting the result. Everything went really well and I've done all I can, so we'll ahve to see what the fates decide. If I donb't win the round it doesn't mean I won't be in the final as it can be any five singers from the whole competition that go through.

After I came off I did a little tv interview and then went to the green room to watch Levente from Hungary sing. He's fab!! He's also a really lovely, funny bloke and as we have been next to each other in the line up we have shared a lift to many rehearsals.

Whoever wins, I've had the most fantastic day - one of the best of my life - and I couldn't ask for more.

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Keith said...

Fantastic - you didit! Just seen highlights on BBC2 Wales together with your interview. A true diva and we love you! See you at the weekend. Love Keith & Heather