Monday, 18 June 2007

Back to normality

I'm now back home after an extraordinary couple of weeks. To win the song prize and be in the final was an absolute joy. It's been really interesting to read all your comments (on the blog and the cardiff site), and thanks for all your support. Some people seem to have loved what I do and others just not get it, but that's to be expected as we are all different. All I can do is open my soul and sing with it. I can't say I'm not disappointed not to have won but I know all the exposure will have done my career loads of good. I'll keep posting on the blog to keep you up to date with any interesting career developments and inform you when my kitchen is finally done. Hurry up B&Q! Now to exlplain to my orthodontist why I haven't worn my brace for 2 weeks. Oh, and unpack! Because even divas have to come back down to earth...


Markosia said...

Elizabeth… every now and then I come across something or someone in music who stops me in my tracks and this happened when I saw you perform at the competition. I think there is winning a highly visible competition and there is also winning in other ways… I think you made the point yourself that music is also a highly personal and sometimes subjective experience. Being on television the competition has given you international exposure and I suspect a legion of new fans. You have a really exciting career ahead of you and one that will in all probability give you many highs of achievement. Good luck with your kitchen!

Mark ~

peter said...

Liz - what can I say. So gutted for you about the final: you were superb and certainly the winner in my eyes. In the song prize though there was just no competition - no one could come close to the way you communicated those songs.
Enjoy the places this will take you - and keep in touch!
Lots of Love
Pete T

Jackie said...

Hi there Lizbeth,
I was very proud to be able to say that I know you, when I was listening online in my PJs. I don't expect there were that many people who got at 4am to listen to the finals... I guess that is one of the trials of living on the other side of the world. I hope to speak soon, but expect your phones have been ringing off the hook!
Enjoy love from a Rainy Auckland!

Brian said...

In Toby Spence’s marvellous phrase from last Monday’s TV programme the Jury “can eat my socks”. I have no doubt that on artistry, musicality, communication, personality and programming you were the outstanding singer in Cardiff last week. I’ve been following your career since you were in Semele and you just get better and better every time I hear you. You’re going to have a wonderful career and it should be an honour for B & Q to fix your kitchen!


trish said...

We have lived in France now for several years but I always make a point of watching Cardiff Singer of the World knowing I will see and hear extraordinary young voices. I dont think I have ever seen anyone communicate with the audience as you did Elizabeth. You were a joy to watch and the ease with which you use your wonderful voice belies all the hard work which has gone before. I shall follow, no doubt what will be a great singing career, with interest and it only leave me to say thank you for making this years Cardiff Singer so very special.

Good luch with the kitchen. We have just had a kitchen extension built - the fitting out (by husband) is taking time but then, living where we do in deepest France, BBQ`s ARE now the order of the day!