Friday, 9 March 2007

Gosh, things have been quite busy! Last night I saw a confidence and body language expert, Sam van Rood and I now feel über confident. Long may it continue! Had a coaching with Phillip Thomas who is the main coach on the young singers programme at ENO on Wednesday and did some really good work on the Berlioz.

I'm off to Sheffield today for a concert in Doncaster tomorrow, so no rest for the wicked. I must be very naughty. Predictably I've slightly fallen of the running wagon, but I'm determined to get rollin' rollin' rollin' with that wagon again. Managed to slot in some more caochings for next week, so I'll keep you updated!

Right, I had best fly - I'm going to the dress rehearsal of the Tempest at covent garden this morning before I head off.

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Keith's Blog said...

Liz, an outstanding performance in Doncaster last night. You captured the heart and soul of the music, and of the audience! Charisma and confidence glow but please don't burn yourself out! Lots of luv, Heather & Keith