Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Isch greaff!!!

Yes, I have now got my brace (or brayssshhh as I am now limited to). I have to build up to wearing it all the time, apart from when I sing and eat, over 2 weeks. I had a rather disturbed sleep last night, so I'm hoping that will improve over time. The brace currently triggers my yawn reflex, so if I yawn when I see you I'm not bored, promise! I know I will have my moments of being fed up with it, but I just need to keep bearing in mind the good it will do my singing, let alone any cosmetic benefits.

Speaking of the cosmetics, I had a consultation with a personal trainer this morning (8am, that's dedication from a singular night owl) and I'm going to have my first proper session with him tomorrow. It's been quite a busy day today actually, particularly with having to transpose by hand the szymanowski (yes, that old chestnut) as the attempt at doing it by computer failed. I had a rehearsal with Phillip Thomas for my run through on Saturday earlier today and then went on to a Russian coaching with the wonderful Ludmilla Andrew who picked me up on the more lacklustre points of my pronounciation. After that it somehow took me 2 and a half hours to get from Teddington to Hampstead for the launch of this year's Hampstead and Highgate Festival, at which I am singing the Britten piece, Les Illuminations. I wish I could blame London Transport for the length of the journey, but I was so caught up with trying to transpose the szymanowski as I went that I managed to end up at Highgate instead of Hampstead and then took a wrong turn on the way to the venue. Those of you that know me know that I can't even blame my hair colour. It was, however, worth the trip and I met some great people.

I have another rehearsal with Phillip tomorrow and soooo much practise to do before saturday. So I'd better sign off because... even divas need their beauty sleep.

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