Friday, 2 March 2007

Saints and a sinner

I am so glad that the world is populated with a few saints. Take a certain pianist, Mr Paul Plummer. He has managed to transpose at sight a very difficult piece of szymanowski AND not moan about it. This concert has rather sneaked up on me and I have been rather disorganised about it, I am ashamed to admit. Enter another saint, Birte Kelly who runs the concert series and seems to have an endless supply of patience too. I am lucky to work with such great people.

I'm off for another run now, and I will then sort out some coachings for next week: alexander technique, russian, confidence training (!) and maybe a massage from a friend who is training as a masseur as a bit of a treat. I'll keep you posted on progress. My first run through of cardiff programme is tonight so keeping my fingers and toes crossed....