Thursday, 15 March 2007

New tactics

Well, I did go out, but only managed a walk as I felt exhausted today. I feel the weeks are slipping by and my fitness is not improving at the rate I want, so I have decided to bite the bullet and employ a personal trainer until Cardiff. I'll only get one shot at the competition, so I might as well throw everything I have at it. Yes, it will be fairly expensive, but I do need to be fit and healthy and I think in the short run it is worth being poor!

I have now organised a massage for monday to work on my shoulders and I will fly to New York on Tuesday to work with Catherine Malfitano. I am very excited, although a little concerned as snow is forecast, so I hope my flight won't be affected. A heavy few days lie ahead with a rehearsal for the Weill concert all day tomorrow, a meeting with my accountant and a concert the next day of some tricky music. Oh, and I really need to tidy up my flat on Sunday and at some point pack for the big apple. Yes, even divas have to do the washing...

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Suzanne Winter said...

Thanks for sharing all your preparations with us Lizzie. We are all keeping fingers and everything else crossed to add a bit of luck to your abundant talent!